Album: crackhouse (2016)

Song: Stray dogs

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Influenced by the HxC / Metal / Punk and Hiphop of the 90s' as Biohazard, Madball,
Suicidal Tendencies, E.Town Concrete, Onyx, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys ...
Danforth has developed an original and powerfull style of hardcore. The band today reached maturity
after seven years of lives given in France and Europe, 3 CD's self-produced demo, including two split CD's,
an EP released in 2009. Followed by a music video animation produced by frontman
for the song "Predator". Produced by the animation studio Studio-Sabotage with the support of COSA
Production and FCM. Released on Virgin 17, MTV GAMEONEMUSICHD, UVTV, Blank TV ...

Soon after the release of the EP "No Fear 2 Bleed" the band began to write new
songs. At the end of 2011, Danforth get in 8-ball Studio/LoutaProd (L'Esprit Du Clan, Livarkahil...)
for recording their first album "Crime In Hell".
Recorded and mixed by Sebastien Langle, mastered by New Alliance East Mastering (Terror, Converge, Lofofora ...)
The album contains thirteen new songs, a blend of Hardcore, Punk, Hiphop and Trash-metal
all in an urban and incisive style that gives Danforth a unique style.
For their first album, US legendary figures such as Danny Diablo (Skarhead) and
James Stikman (Fury of Five / Boxcutter / Full Metal Jacket) get in a featuring!
The songs alternates English and French, screaming and phrasing Hiphop.
Lyrics without concessions invite listeners to share the rage of the band.